Tooling & Engineering

It's the service that separates us.

All Project Begin With A Design...

Without the solid foundation of a good design, any project runs the risk of failure. During the design phase, our goal is to ensure that our customers will get exactly what they want. Requirements such as part strength, chemical resistance, light exposure and compatibility become critical.

Our design and engineering team consists of qualified molding and tooling engineers. Their years of devotion to plastic injection molding allows them to view a new design through the eyes of experience.

Utilizing the latest in CAD/CAM software, 3-Dimensional Modeling and Laser Digitizing, our engineers help to turn your design into reality. Tooling designs are done with tolerances and mold integrity in mind. Part designs are based on customer requirements, repeatable accuracy, and moldability.

To further augment the design phase, we offer full-scale prototyping by 3d printing or by building low cost prototype tooling for those who require further assurance their project will succeed.


Turning Designs Into Reality....

The Central Plastics & Mfg. Tooling Department is staffed by experienced journeymen Toolmakers who have proven themselves through the sucessfull construction of a wide spectrum of tools. From molds capable of holding extreme tolerances at part weights of 0.5g or less, to high production molds creating parts in excess of 7 pounds. The Central Plastics & Mfg. also has long established relationships with a number of subcontract toolmakers in US, China & Korea so offering maximum flexibility.

Whatever the project - We Can Do It.

Our Tooling Department is equipped with the latest in CNC mills, lathes and EDM machines. Constant equipment upgrades allow us to take advantage of new technologies.

Brief summary of tooling capabilities:

MaterialsAluminium / P20 / S7 / H13 /Stainless Steel / Copper Alloy
SlidesHydraulic / Electrical / Mechanical / Uni-Lifters
InsertsManual / Automated
CavitiesSingle / Multiple / Automated
MethodsEDM / 3-D CNC / 2-D CNC
RunnersHot Tip / Sub-Gate / Insulated / Three Plate / Hot Runner
Central Plastics & Mfg.Tooling with Experience and Precision that Stands the Test of Time.