Custom Thermoforming

Expert Custom Thermoforming Capabilities

Our thermoforming capabilities range from a high-speed in-line Lyle with a 30”x40” platen to our smaller Atlas Vacs. The Lyle is a good choice for high production runs, with the capabilities of die-cutting in-line with 65 tons of cutting pressure and up-stacking. The Atlas Vacs are great middle-ground machines for your more minor production needs, especially if you don’t want excessive capital tied up in tooling. These presses are designed to form in-line and die-cut off-line and are a significant step up from a station former.

Central Plastics’ in-house tooling capabilities are an excellent choice for fast turnaround times and rapid prototypes. With more than 50 years of industry experience, our two full-time engineers can turn your concepts into realities concisely and efficiently by providing working models and drawings.

Products we manufacture include:

  • Blister packs: The most customized economical packaging solution
  • Packaging clamshell: Widely used for more secure packaging in consumer products, medical devices, cosmetics, etc.
  • Packaging trays: Includes food trays, insert packaging, and medical device packaging


We specialize in forming sheets ranging from 0.010” to 0.060” in thickness. Some of the materials we use include:

  • PETG medical grade
  • Clear/white PVC
  • Colored or decorative films
  • Silicone coated films

Contact the experts at Central Plastics today to learn more about our thermoforming processes.