Custom Injection Molding for Consumer Markets


There has always been a high demand for quality resin in consumer goods, such as home appliances, cleaning tools, and food packaging. These goods need to be made with highly durable plastic material, and the experts at Central Plastics are able to manufacture parts using the best plastic grades for the right applications.

Some of the most common thermoplastics used in consumer goods markets include:

  • Acrylic – transparent and durable
  • Nylon – strong and versatile
  • ABS – lightweight and impact-resistant
  • Polypropylene – durable and heat-resistant
  • PVC – weather-resistant and water-resistant

The team at Central Plastics has the experience and capabilities to solve any plastic molding, packaging, or assembly challenges our customers may face. When choosing a plastic manufacturer for your consumer goods, the experts at Central Plastics are here to help.

Interested in getting expert plastic manufacturing services for your consumer goods? Contact Central Plastics today to get started.