Highly Durable Polymers for Aerospace Applications

Aerospace Drone

Plastics are playing an increasingly important role in the aerospace industry due to their ability to reduce weight and their enhanced material properties. They offer exceptional strength-to-weight ratios, stiffness, and flexibility and are highly resistant to corrosion, which prolongs the lifespan of components exposed to harsh environments. The use of plastics also allows for faster and more cost-effective manufacturing processes. 

At Central Plastics, we understand the critical demands of the aerospace industry and proudly meet these challenges as an AS 9100 certified molder. We provide injection molded assemblies for applications including airplane interior components, exterior components like fairings and access panels, and engine components such as fuselage bodies. Engineering-grade resins used in aerospace applications include PC, PEEK, PPA, NYLON, and ULTEMTM. 

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