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Medical Device Manufacturing

Plastics have revolutionized the healthcare industry by providing a wide range of essential materials for medical devices, equipment, and packaging. They are known for their sterility, biocompatibility, and lightweight nature, making them ideal for a broad spectrum of medical applications. They are also valued for their durability, cost-effectiveness, and versatility.  

As an ISO 13485 certified medical molder with a Class 8 clean room molding facility and CE molding shop, Central Plastics specializes in manufacturing medical components of various categories using medical-grade plastics. Some of our projects include: 

Single-Use Medical Devices 

  • Catheter housings 
  • Diagnostic consumables 
  • Valves, luer connectors, fittings, housings 
  • Microfluidics plates 
  • Labware, consumables, PCR plates 
  • Petri dishes and culture plates 

Medical Equipment Assemblies 

  • Equipment housings 
  • Parts for surgical instruments 
  • Prosthetics and orthotics components 
  • Connectors/hubs/buttons 

Interested in using Central Plastics to manufacture your medical devices? Contact our team today to start a conversation.