Dependable Plastic for Military & Defense Applications

The military requires components to be made with materials that are durable, tough, and impact-resistant, but also lightweight and with good thermal properties. Plastic is an excellent material often used in military applications, and Central Plastics has years of experience manufacturing the most high-quality components for the military & defense industries.

Central Plastics is AS9100 certified, as well as a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) with the U.S. Government’s Defense Logistics Agency. Some of the parts we produce for military & defense applications include:

  • Heavy-duty rope
  • Electrical connectors
  • Pump impellers
  • Protective masks
  • Night vision equipment
  • Camera parts
  • Fuel system components

Central Plastics’ one-stop manufacturing facility is fully equipped to produce highly complex plastic equipment for the military to rely on across a wide range of operations. Our experience, quality work, and customer service are what make us the best in the industry.

Interested in working with Central Plastics for your military components? Contact our team today to start a conversation.