Expertly Manufactured Medical Devices for the Healthcare Industry

Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical device applications require plastic resin to be durable, sterile, and made to the most exact specifications. The properties of medical-grade plastics or polymers are important to consider when making medical devices, and Central Plastics has the capabilities to create the most high-quality medical components with the best engineering grade resins.

Some of the medical products Central Plastics manufactures include:

  • Surgical instruments
  • IV tubes
  • PPE
  • Ultrasound equipment
  • Casings for lab equipment
  • Medical trays and handles
  • Single-use, vascular and drug delivery systems
  • Dental and orthodontics parts
  • And much more

As an ISO 13485:2016 certified molder with a Class 8 cleanroom and press tonnages ranging from 24 to 800 tons, our full-range molding capabilities ensure we can create the exact medical device you need for your application.

Want to use Central Plastics for manufacturing your medical devices? Contact our team today to start a conversation.